Confirmation party

The confirmation party is a big event for both parents and confirmand. We have put together a confirmation package, which, while "youth-friendly", makes no compromises in terms of quality.

Confirmation - DKK 675 per person 

  • Aperitif

    1 glass of sparkling wine and alcohol-free drinks for children and young people
  • Buffet or 3-course menu 
  • Unlimited house wine during the meal
  • Unlimited soft drinks for children during the meal
  • Iced water throughout the meal
  • Coffee/tea

Additional choices

Surcharge for champagne, per person from 100,-
Snacks, per person from 25,-
Mineral water, 0,5 l 30,-
Liqueuer, 3 cl. from 40,-
Macaron 20,- each
Chocolate 20,- each (at minimum 30 persons)
Midnight snack, per person from 95,-
Open 'hard' bar 2 hours, per person 250,-
Open 'soft' bar 2 hours, per person 175,-
Decorations (each), from 175,-
Extra service (per waiter, per hour) 350,-

Terms and conditions

Our confirmation package is only available on Saturdays and Sundays and for a minimum of 30 guests.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the event is limited to 5 hours, between 12.00 (noon) and 5.00 pm, or 6.00 and 11.00 pm. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, Charlottehaven is responsible for the choice of space in our banqueting suites.

Standard table arrangement with round tables (10 guests per table), white tablecloths and candles. 

Children aged 1-2,  DKK 50.
Children aged 3-11, DKK 325. 

Be sure to inform of us of any allergies and special dietary requirements.

We refer you to our general payment and cancellation conditions,which apply at any time, unless agreed otherwise in writing.