Focus Food

Fuel yourself for optimal performance

Most of us have attended meetings and conferences, where we can scarcely keep our eyes open after lunch. That is something we are attempting to remedy with our Focus Food concept. This new health concept aims to ensure that everyone gets the right fuel for a long and informative conference day.

You need a high level of energy and an acute, focused brain throughout the day – even when it is time to go home.

The dietary principles are based on the vision of keeping your blood sugar stable, filling you with lots of vegetables and providing you with good fats, dietary fibre and proteins.
Naturally we have planned our menus on the basis of these principles, so throughout the day our meeting guests encounter delicious creative cuisine, which appeals to our sight, our taste and our brains.

See examples of our Focus Food Menu


We have also added an extra health booster to some of our dishes. This consists of one or more of the 10 superfoods, which we use in both food and beverages.
Superfoods do not amount to a miracle cure, but they provide an excellent and easy way of getting some extra vitamins.
Our 10 selected superfoods have a particularly high concentration of good nutrients, so they feature as an ingredient in all our food for meetings.


Sweet temptations

Our talented kitchen is also always at hand with a selection of delicious cakes. It is not our intention to preach, so you will also find some extraordinarily wonderful and sinful cakes, if you fancy going off the rails a bit. But if you want to keep your blood sugar stable, we always offer a raw version too.

Focus Food is part of our conference concept.