Give your energy and concentration a helping hand

Free exercise in the Fitness and Health Club

Do not break good habits just because you have to attend a meeting. Bring your gym gear with you. All participants have free access to our gym with fitness facilities, group sessions, pool, sauna etc. on the day of the meeting*. Physical activity leads to greater concentration.
Contact the front desk, if you wish to exercise. You will be given a membership card that is valid for the whole day – both before and after your meeting.

Good exercise – check out all our facilities
*Does not apply to the pharmaceutical industry

Energiser – 10 minutes of healthy office exercise

Get your body started with 10 minutes of healthy office exercise, that you can also use when coming back to your own office. You think more clearly afterwards! The objective is to help the participants to get the most out of the day and take as much as possible with them home.

10 minutes program with an instructor. Price: DKK 1500,-

Charlottehaven Challenge – interactively games

Interactively games on tablets with both quiz and workshop assignments, that are fun, engaging and challenging all at once. Good team-activity that will get everyone up from the chair and engage them around the area surrounding Charlottehaven, both inside and outside. Completed in cooperation with GreenHatPeople.

45-120 minutes duration. Price: DKK 610,- per person

We cooperate with GreenHatPeople who offer a long range of digital solutions for meetings and conferences; e.g. app for dialog, voting systems, etc. during the meeting or tailored interactively games that match the theme of the meeting. Please contact us for more information.

Mind Optimiser - booklet of exercises

In every room you will find a copy of our little Mind Optimiser booklet that contains great exercises to develop the brain’s potential. Give some of the exercises a go. It only takes a few minutes, but can make a huge difference to your day.

A good start is half the work! Start your day by establishing a framework for it, or use the exercises during the day if you are lacking concentration.