Achieve effective results with
a personal trainer or dietician

Personal training

A personal trainer is your guarantee for full satisfaction: your trainer focuses on your needs and, in cooperation with you, customises a workout plan to suit your goals and your temperament. The plan is regularly adjusted, as you achieve your sub-goals.

Your personal trainer guides you, motivates you and constantly records your progress and successes, so you keep your motivation going as you proceed.

We would venture to say that personal training is a good investment in your health.

A personal trainer is highly trained

A personal trainer is one of the most highly educated professionals in the fitness industry, and Charlottehaven only work with the best trainers with many years of experience. The personal trainers are running their own businesses and therefore price and booking are agreed upon with the individual personal trainer.

Contact reception, for more information. Some coaches offer guidance in English.

Dietary advice

Whether you want to lose weight, to have a healthier lifestyle or want to eat the best diet in relation to your exercise programme, our dieticians can get you started.

A typical dietary guidance session (50 min.) consists of:

• An introductory chat about lifestyle, including expectations, goals and habits
• Drawing up an individual diet plan
• Measuring of body fat percentage, hips/waist, cholesterol and blood pressure
• Assessment of energy and food distribution in relation to nutritional needs
• Drawing up of plan of action for the course

All our dieticians are trained professionals with bachelor degrees in nutrition and health.

The price and booking are agreed upon with the individual dietician.

Contact reception, if you would like to book a dietician.