Enjoy a swim in our beautiful pool

Our pool is unique. Say no more! The calm atmosphere of the swimming pool makes it ideal for starting the day or winding down after your daily workout. The pool is 20 metres long and heated to a temperature of 26º. See openinghours here

You can swim on your own or join one of our water exercise classes. Exercising in water is ideal for many people, since it is more gentle for the body.

You can also swim with former Olympic swimmer, Mette Jacobsen, who gives both private lessons and exclusive swimming courses for groups.

Contact reception for further information. 

Sauna & sauna aromatherapy

A session in the sauna is good for tired muscles and helps relieve tension in the body. Our sauna is heated to a temperature of 95º. 

We also offer sauna aromatherapy several times a week, where you will experience an intense heat, which is regularly interrupted by cold baths and a cooling of the body. Sauna aromatherapy has a cleansing effect on the body and a strengthening effect on the immune system. 

Contact reception for further information. 

Children and the pool

Children of 5 years or older are welcome to use the swimming pool under the constant supervision of an accompanying adult.