Events in Charlottehaven

  • Breakfast: Monday - Friday

    Choose between 3 pcs. 125,- |  5 pcs. 165,-  | 7 pcs. 195,-


    Bread basket
    Rye bread, butter, Jam and Nutella.
    Choose between sourdough (N) og muesli bun (N)

    Organic butter croissant


    Bircher muesli
    Cold oat porridge

    Skir (N)
    Seasonal compote and home-made granola

    Smoothie bowl (G)
    Berries/frozen fruit, skir, seeds and coconut


    Avocado (V) (G) (L)
    with sesame, lime and fresh herbs

    Half pink grape (V) (G) (L)

    Melon (V) (G) (L)


    Scrambled eggs (G)

    Fried eggs (G)
    Sunny side up or easy over


    Beef sausages, CH recipe


    Bananabread (V) (L)

    Syrup and blueberries

    À la carte

    Bircher muesli
    Cold oat porridge with fresh banana, peanutbutter and home-made granola
    DKK 85

    Smoothie bowl (G)
    Berries/frozen fruit, skir, seeds, coconut
    DKK 85

    Rye bread, semi-dried tomatoes, poached egg, sesame and fresh herbs
    DKK 95

    Omelet (G)
    Ham, Danish North Sea cheese and mushrooms
    DKK 115

    Salmon rillette (P)
    Rye bread crumble and fresh herbs
    DKK 115

    Croque Monsieur
    Sourdough bread, ham, grated mozzarella cheese and Dijon cream
    DKK 115

  • Coffee/tea

    Organic Lavazza coffee:

    Café latte, small/large, DKK 39 / 45

    Espresso, DKK 25

    Macchiato, DKK 28

    Cortado, DKK 30

    Americano, DKK 30

    Flat white, DKK 39

    Cappuccino, DKK 39

    Iced coffee, DKK 45

    Extra shot, DKK 7

    Irish coffee, DKK 75

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream, DKK 45

    Organic tea:

    Matcha Latté
    - Emeyu, Ceremoniel Matcha, DKK 55

    - Emeyu, Ceremoniel Matcha, DKK 45

    Deep Woods
    - Emeyu, Breakfast, black tea, DKK 35

    Tiny Kingdom
    - Emeyu, Earl Grey, black tea, DKK 35

    - Emeyu, black tea, DKK 35

    Eight Butterflies
    - Emeyu, green tea, DKK 35

    Cozy Mint
    - Emeyu, herbal tea, DKK 35

    Chamomile Mood
    - Emeyu, herbal tea, DKK 35

    Endless Summer
    - Emeyu, herbal tea, DKK 35

    White Spring
    - Emeyu, white tea, DKK 35

    Empiric Sky
    - Emeyu, Chai, DKK 35

    Midnight Sun
    - Emeyu, fruity tea, DKK 35

  • Juice bar
    Juice 60,-

    Magic Matcha
    Celery, cucumber, ginger, apple, matcha, lime, mint
    228 kcal; 46 g carbs, 7 g protein, 1 g fat
    Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Folate + Potassium

    Beet in Balance (V)
    Beetroot, ginger, apple, dates, flaxseed, grapefruit, blackberries
    382 kcal; 69 g carbs, 7 g protein, 10 g fat
    Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Folate + Potassium + Manganese

    Carrot Spice (V)
    Carrot, pineapple, apple, turmeric, chili
    137 kcal; 34 g carbs, 1,5 g protein, 0 g fat
    Vitamin A (from beta-carotene) + Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Potassium

    Freshly squeezed juice (V)
    Freshly squeezed orange juice - small kr. 50 / large kr. 65
    120 kcal ; 30 g carbs, 2 g protein, 0 g fat
    Vitamin C + Vitamin B

    Smoothies 60,-

    Blueberry Cinnamon (V)
    Blueberries, coconut milk, cinnamon, chia, lime
    321 kcal; 25 g carbs, 5 g protein, 21 g fat
    Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Manganese + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin E

    Almond Matcha
    Almond drink, banana, spinach, flaxseed, lime, matcha
    387 kcal; 41 g carbs, 9 g protein, 17 g fat
    Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Vitamin E + Potassium + Magnesium

    Mocca-Meal (V)
    Almond drink, espresso shot, dates, peanutbutter, dark chokolade
    420 kcal; 30 g carbs, 10 g protein, 27 g fat
    Vitamin E + Magnesium + Potassium + Folate + Manganese

    Berry Smooth (V)
    Almond drink, strawberries, kiwi, banana
    172 kcal ; 37 g carbs, 2 g protein, 2 g fat
    Vitamin C + Vitamin K + Vitamin E + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B9

    Shakes 65,-

    coconut milk, pineapple, vanilla protein powder
    371 kcal; 28 g carbs, 25 g protein, 17 g fat
    Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Potassium + Magnesium + Manganese

    Almond drink, peanutbutter, oatmeal, banana, chocolate protein powder
    694 kcal; 19 g carbs, 44,5 g protein, 42 g fat
    Vitamin E + Vitamin B3 + Vitamin B9

    Shot 25,-

    Ginger Shot
    Ginger, lemon, honey

    Extras 15,-

    Spirulina (V), Peanut Butter (V) or Protein (+ kr. 10 vegan)


    V = Vegan

  • Beverages

    Apple juice
    Bornholm Brewery 27,5 cl
    DKK 30

    Rhubarb juice
    Bornholm Brewery, organic 27,5 cl
    DKK 30

    Elderflower juice
    Møn Brewery, organic 33 cl
    DKK 30

    Tap water, ad libitum
    DKK 20

    Sparkling tap water, ad libitum
    DKK 20


Parking & S-train
- 2 minutes’ walk from Nordhavn Station
- Paid parking right in front of the building (first come, first served)

A delightful green courtyard where you can enjoy your food, or a glass of chilled white wine or fresh smoothie.

Children are very welcome – we have plenty of space, a children’s menu and our own playground. There is also plenty of room for parking prams.


We have been awarded the Silver Organic Cuisine Label which means serving 60–90% organic food in our restaurant.

The majority of our vegetables, dairy products and cereals are organic, and the drinks menu includes organic coffee, wine, juice and beer. For example, we source our raw vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes, beetroot and potatoes from Sørisgaard, which operates organic production powered by wind turbines, and our free-range chicken is from the Rokkedahl family in North Denmark, who focus on animal welfare, sustainable operation and high-quality meat.
We serve some 130,000 cups of coffee over the counter each year, so here, too, we’ve prioritised organic coffee by Lavazza, which is organic, bio-certified and 100% Rainforest Alliance certified.


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