Events in Charlottehaven

  • Strengthen & tighten up

    Functional strength training of the major muscle groups. This can be done using free dumbbells, kettlebells, rubber bands, aqua tubes and balls.

  • Back class

    We strengthen the spine and make it supple with functional movements such as bending, stretching, pushing, pulling and turning with and without the use of devices. An extremely thorough warmup that recurs from time to time. Anyone, whatever their age, can participate.

  • Step & tighten up

    Classic aerobics class with step bench and regular tightening of the body.

  • Nordic walking

    Fun, highly effective outdoor workout. We have poles for everyone.

  • Running class

    Interval and distance running outside. Anyone can take part.

  • Zumba

    A dance class to the sound of Latin rhythms. Coordination and fitness are paramount.

  • All in one

    Physiotherapy concept developed in Charlottehaven with a focus on a thorough workout of fitness, strength and stability and posture-related exercises.

  • HIIT

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT training consists of alternating intervals of moderate intensity and periods of close to maximum performance. We work out for 45 minutes at a time.

  • StreetFitLatin

    Street Fit Latin is an effective class, which will challenge your coordination, balance and stability. All the classes abound in good karma and high spirits.

    Street is a combination of good choreography and burning off a load of calories to great music.
    Fit is for people who love dancing, but would still like to strengthen their bodies. We dance, for example, with dumbbells to tighten arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
    Latin gives you an opportunity to swing your hips to Latin rhythms such as salsa, samba, chachacha, merengue etc.


Included in membership
- Fitness training
- Exercise classes*
- Pool
- Sauna
- Squash
- Talks and workshops

*Does not apply to Flex

Additional services
- Personal training
- Training program
- Physiotherapy and massage

Start-up package

In conjunction with your membership at Charlottehaven we offer a range of benefits, to help you get off to a good start with your exercise.

- Creation of programme 3 x 60 minutes (need to be done within the first three months of your membership)
- Introduction to the class schedule
- Weighing and measuring of fat %

Welcome gifts
- Sports bag, sports towel and two guest cards

Price: DKK 599

The start-up package cannot be deselected, when you enrol, but can if you re-enrol within 12 months. The start-up pack is worth DKK 1733.


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