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The 10 great ones - Copenhagen's best playgrounds

1. Nørrebroparken

Stefansgade 28-30, 2200 København N

The staffed playground in Nørrebroparken pairs easily with a visit to the cozy neighborhood of Nørrebro. You'll immediately notice a plane has landed right in the middle of the playground. You can climb around and on it. Next to it, a large ship has run aground, but fortunately, you can easily seek refuge with a slide. And there's also a large whale to play on. In the area, there are plenty of cafes serving great takeaway coffee. For example, on Stefansgade and Jægersborggade right nearby. So, there's plenty of both wet and dry for mom and dad.

2. Prinsesse Charlottes Gade

Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 10, 2200 København N

The playground is part of Guldberg School - also in Nørrebro - and therefore can only be used outside of the school's opening hours. It is located between Sjællandsgade and Meinungsgade and has super luxurious facilities, thoroughly designed down to the smallest detail. The playground integrates nicely with the newly renovated square in front of Simeons Church. The square invites you to hang out on the benches with a view of Assistens Kirkegård (see under Romantic Tours) - and to play on the cool slide and the beautiful trampolines.

3. Bondegården i Remiseparken

Peder Lykkesvej 71-71, 2300 København S

If the kids need more rural impressions, then visit the farmyard playground in Remiseparken. Here, there are horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, and a cow. The farmyard is staffed both on weekdays and weekends. Inside the farmhouse, there are various activities on weekdays. For example, a playroom for ages 0-3, and it's completely free. You probably won't get the kids to leave right away, so just bring a picnic basket and fill the thermos with coffee. You can enjoy it all at one of the many tables while the kids enjoy themselves on the outdoor playground.

4. Trafiklegepladsen

Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 10, 2100 København Ø

Next up is the Traffic Playground in Fælledparken in Østerbro. It's a hit with its small roads, traffic lights, and pedestrian crossings - just like in real traffic. On weekdays, there are bikes available for borrowing, but if you visit the playground on weekends, you'll need to bring your own vehicles so the kids can have fun on bikes, child scooters, kick scooters, or rollerblades. Next to the Traffic Playground is a small, cozy playground with benches and tables where you can sit and refuel when the engines need topping up.

5. Ørstedsparken

Nørre Farimagsgade 2, 1364 København K

In one corner of Ørstedsparken - facing Nørre Farimagsgade and H.C. Andersens Boulevard - lies a lovely, large playground. Here, there are plenty of play equipment and bikes that you can borrow and ride during opening hours. The playground is staffed on weekdays, but you can still visit it on weekends, although the bikes are locked up. In the small house on the playground, there are various events such as rhythmics and stick bread baking, which you can follow on the Facebook page. If you have older children, they can delve into the electronic play section next to the playground.

6. Naturlegepladsen i Valbyparken

Hammelstrupvej 41, 2450 København SV

Copenhagen's largest natural playground (on 20,000 m2) can be found in Valbyparken. And even if you don't live nearby, it's definitely worth a visit. With 25,000 square meters of play area, there are plenty of challenges for even the most energetic kids. Plus, it's surrounded by natural scenery with views of plenty of greenery. It's designed in a hilly landscape where you can run and climb between towers and hills. As something special, there are also sports courts (tennis, volleyball, hockey, and table tennis) as well as a bonfire area, which larger groups can book by calling 3646 7439 first.

7. Enghaveparken

Ejderstedgade 1, 1761 København V

In Enghaveparken on Vesterbro, the kids can have a blast at the newly renovated playground, which is staffed on weekdays. There are plenty of opportunities here to challenge oneself with climbing and balancing. Or perhaps take a ride on the zipline or bike. In the middle of the playground stands a tall climbing frame, resembling a spider's web. Next to it, you'll find a structure with a slide for the younger children. There are also plenty of benches where you can sit and eat your packed lunch, or mom and dad can have coffee while the kids play.

8. Byggelegepladsen

Peder Lykkesvej 71-71, 2300 København S

Back on Amager, you'll find the Construction Playground, located next to the Farmyard Playground in Remiseparken. Just like its neighbor, it stands out quite a bit in the playground landscape. Here, it's the inner Bob the Builder that gets unleashed if you visit during the playground's opening hours. You can borrow tools and build on one of the approximately 30 small houses out there. There are also more traditional play options like a sports field, a zip line, and a play castle that you can use outside of opening hours.

9. Elefantens Bastion på Christianshavns Vold

Christianshavns Voldgade 36, 1424 København K

On the ramparts of Christianshavn, there are two playgrounds. A very small one for toddlers as well as a large and staffed playground with every imaginable play equipment. There are also plenty of opportunities for ball games: basketball, tennis, table tennis, soccer, and even roundball. For younger children, there are sandboxes, spring riders, and play bikes. You can also rent bikes, play giant chess, and paddle in the paddling pool in the summer. Just around the corner, you'll find both Vor Frelsers Kirke (see under Romantic Tours) and Christiania, which are definitely worth a visit.

10. Kongens Have

Kongens Have, på Sølvgade-siden, 1350 København K

A visit to the beautiful park in the heart of Copenhagen's city center can be combined with a trip to the park's playground. It's most fun for the younger children, especially those with a flair for imaginative play. You can fly on the back of a dragon or guard the large golden egg found in the center of an impressive flower. Perhaps you're a prince or princess from the nearby Rosenborg Castle? Next door is the garden café, where both adults and children can take a break.