Events in Charlottehaven

  • Hatha yoga

    The term for all physical yoga. Focus on opposites and unity of the body, mind and spirit. We exercise agility, strength and balance with relaxation between the individual positions.

  • Vinyasa yoga

    Dynamic yoga based on the sun salutation, from which the sequences evolve from position to position in floating transitions without a break. Vinyasa increases the heart rate and works up a sweat, while giving your mind a break. The class finishes with relaxation.

  • Yin yoga

    Yin yoga is a silent, meditative practice, in which you slowly adopt the lying or sitting positions, which are typically held for 3-5 minutes, with as little muscle activity as possible. This stretches the connective tissue and joints, leading to greater suppleness and eliminating blocks in the body’s energy paths.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a form of exercise that consists of sitting or lying stretching and strength exercises to strengthen the muscles and make them limber. The 15-minute introductory classes provides an introduction to the basic Pilates exercises and breathing.

  • The 5 Tibetans

    The 5 Tibetans are 5 simple dynamic yoga exercises that particularly affect the body’s endocrine glands, which are responsible for hormone balance.

  • 50 +

    We stretch, strengthen and release tension throughout the body in a relaxed atmosphere. There is particular emphasis on the pelvic floor.

  • Qi Gong

    Calm, gentle movements, in which the body gets a full workout with a focus on breathing. The focus is on improving breathing and posture. You achieve a sense of warmth and well-being – without getting out of breath. Qi Gong improves physical and mental balance. Qi gong gives you a sense of peace and presence.

  • Mindfullness

    One of the main points of mindfulness is the ability to be present and fully aware of the moment. Presence with all senses awake. Feelings and thoughts are experienced as they are, but are not assessed. They are simply observed. The focus is on breathing.

  • Sauna therapy

    Sauna therapy is basically a German sauna culture. The use of essential oils and fragrant vapour provides renewed energy and strengthens the immune system. A sauna therapist pours water containing essential oils on the red-hot sauna stones, creating fragrant vapour, which he or she wafts with a towel.

    Our sauna therapy is a holistic experience that gives participants an experience of intense heat, regularly interrupted by cold baths and a cooling down of the body.

  • Joint exercises

    The body’s joints are strengthened, centred and systematically made supple. Coordination and body sensation are improved. Circulation and organs are strengthened. Thus, your whole foundation is improved, leading to better health, improved energy and a greater capacity to accomplish everything else you need to do. They are great exercises for anyone practising another sport, if you are injured or just want to prevent injuries and imbalances.


Included in membership
- Fitness training
- Exercise classes*
- Pool
- Sauna
- Squash
- Talks and workshops

*Does not apply to Flex

Additional services
- Personal training
- Training program
- Physiotherapy and massage

Start-up package

In conjunction with your membership at Charlottehaven we offer a range of benefits, to help you get off to a good start with your exercise.

- Creation of programme 3 x 60 minutes (need to be done within the first three months of your membership)
- Introduction to the class schedule
- Weighing and measuring of fat %

Welcome gifts
- Sports bag, sports towel and two guest cards

Price: DKK 599

The start-up package cannot be deselected, when you enrol, but can if you re-enrol within 12 months. The start-up pack is worth DKK 1733.


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